Human Resources Support

Your TIA Group team handles the routine and responds to the unexpected. We can develop your employee handbook and provide proper procedures for bringing in a new hire. When the company must discipline or terminate an employee, we make sure it’s done correctly and according to the law. If an unemployment compensation claim arises, we have the documentation and expertise to respond appropriately. We supplement your HR team with experienced and knowledgeable personnel, in-depth and current resources, and focused attention to help you avoid costly mistakes and distractions.


With a dedicated, highly specialized payroll department and advanced compensation software, TIA Group pays your employees on behalf of your company. We administer all wages, deductions, garnishments, and state and federal withholding. We also take responsibility for federal, state and local tax reporting and compliance. You continue to set salaries and manage your staff, but TIA Group takes on the complicated task of maintaining a well-administered, accurate payroll process.