Team of Specialists

Our diverse set of services requires a cross-disciplinary team of business professionals. Your Co-Employment team acquires an understanding of your work processes, goals and facilities. We work together, merging our expertise and experience to deliver the best service possible. We focus on your employees so you can focus on running a great enterprise.

Your TIA Group Co-Employment Team:

Payroll Specialist

  • Main point of contact
  • Processes payroll information
  • Generates an accurate and timely payroll
  • Maintains data for a complete and accurate employee file
  • Internal HR training and troubleshooting for payroll submission and customization reporting
  • Training and assistance in payroll system and customized reporting

Benefits Specialist

  • HR and HR/Employer support
  • Claims resolution advocate
  • Lost ID Cards
  • Benefits communication
  • Benefits advisor

Retirement plan and financial specialist

  • Financial advisor
  • HR/Employee support
  • Retirement plan enrollment
  • Retirement plan communication

HR Specialist

  • Reviews all HR performance items associated with your service plan
  • Helps to ensure policies, procedures and actions comply with legal requirements and government reporting regulations
  • Identifies areas for performance improvement
  • Provides training and development program recommendations
  • Actively participates in planning and coordinating delivery of services

Safety Consultant

  • Supplements existing safety program
  • Implements and coordinates safety program
  • Identifies potential safety issues and works with you to address them